Air/Gas Ratio Controller

Min. Order: 10 Sets
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Air/Gas Ratio Controller

Product Description

For maintaining a constant air-gas mixture
For continuous and step-by-step burner control
High regulating precision

Operation Limits
Type of Gas: Natural, LPG, clean coke oven gas and clean biogas
Ambient temperature range: GIK ½ " to 2" = -4 ° F to 158 ° F (-20 ° C to 70 ° C)
GIK 2½ " to 4" = 5 ° F to 140 ° F (-15 ° C to 60 ° C)
Maximum inlet pressure: 3 psig (200 mbar)
Maximum operational inlet-to-outlet differential pressure: 1.5 psig (100 mbar)
Combustion air loading pressure: 0.2" to 48" WC (0.5 to 120 mbar)
Outlet pressure range: 0.1" to 47.6" WC (0.2 to 119 mbar)
Adjusting range at min. Flow: GIK ½ " to 2" = -1.2" to +1.2" WC (-3 to +3 mbar)
GIK 2½ " to 4" = -0.8" to +0.8" WC (-2 to +2 mbar)
Connection for Control line: GIK ½ " to 2" = ¼ " NPT
GIK 2½ " to 4" = ½ " NPT

GIK Regulators hold constant gas/air ratios as cross- connected ratio regulators with modulating or high-low control of nozzle mix burners or as zero governors on premix systems.
When used as cross-connected regulator for nozzle mix burners, GIK regulator provide outlet gas pressure at a 1: 1 pressure ratio with air loading. For leaner or richer low fire ratios, the bias spring can be adjusted to provide an outlet pressure up to 1.2" WC (3 mbar) higher or lower than the loading pressure.
For repeatable control of extremely small low fire inputs (frequently, only the pilot), the GIK...B Regulator, with a fixed internal Bypass (1/2" to 2"), is recommended. When the system drives to low fire, the regulator valve closes completely, and the low fire gas flow is controlled accurately by precision-machined internal orifice.
Typical air and gas piping layouts for nozzle-mixing and premix systems are shown in the pictures "Nozzle Mix Burners" and "Premix Burners". These schematics contain only those components related to the gas-air ration control system. A complete combustion system must also contain a suitably-sized combustion air source and safety-related components, such as safety shut off valves, air and gas pressure switches and flame supervisor components.

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